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Our Service

Our Service

Technical Consulting in close co-operation with the customer

  • temporary works to solve problems in ceramics, construction materials or process technology, technical controlling of greater projects (in co-operation with our network of very well-known senior refractory and materials experts)
  • consulting for technology and materials in R&D, characterization of new raw materials, new applications for high temperature technology, special approaches to create new kiln furniture and construction materials
  • for example: Carbon-bound nozzles and sliding gates for continuous casting, new kinds of insulating refractory bricks, optimization and modernisation of refractory productions, recycling process for scrap containing muds, and so on


  • iron-free milling (macro and micro) of hard and brittle industrial minerals in co-operation with leading producers

Trading with used machinery for refractory, ceramics and raw materials

  • reconditioned equipment for milling, sieving, classifying, drying, mixing, charging, firing