ROHSTOFFE    Si metallisch und FeSi

Silicon metal powders are specifically dedicated to advance niche applications, which require low content of foreign elements and unique particle size distribution.

Very fine particle content is extremely low due to the applied process technology in grinding and sieving, as well is the contamination with other materials.


Raw materials in chemical synthesis
- of chlorosilanes
- of organochlorosilanes
- of alkoxysilanes
Pigments in paints
Metallurgical industry
High silicon containing light alloy or ceramic parts
Special light alloy soldering techniques

Physical & Chemical Composition
Hardness: Knoop 2600 Mohs 9,4
Melting Point: 4712°F (2600°C)
Thermal Conductivity: 210 btu/hr/ft²/in/°F of 400 °F,
100 btu/hr/ft²/1 n/°F of 1600 °F
Specific Gravity: 3.2 g/cc
Particle Shape: Blocky, Sharp
Color: Green